TeCrest Media

TeCrest Media

No matter whether private or business. We offer you the best care.

Work should be efficient, leisure time extensive and worth living. We would like to bring these aspects together with our various concepts from office software to the presentation of one's own company to leisure activities.

Find out more about us or send us a message directly via our virtual carrier pigeon, which moves at almost the speed of light!

What are we doing

At home and yet very close

Let us virtually model your company building or other things down to the smallest detail and present your company realistically to your customers from far away.

Unbelievable looks

A website can catch the eye and captivate people to its content. Almost like a person looking into Medusa's eyes, they will sit transfixed in front of their screen.

Let us support you and compete with the icon of Greek mythology.


Tailored fits better

Quickly opening the search engine and looking for a suitable programm, wasting hours trying out different ones only to find out there is nothing perfect.

We will offer you tailored solutions which, unlike a suit from the tailor, are easy to expand if the volume increases.

VirWo Software by TeCrest-Media


VirWo Office by TeCrest-Media

VirWo Office

VirWo Bistro by TeCrest-Media

VirWo Bistro

VirWo Ticket

Like others only better. This is our motto for our own software solutions to increase efficiency in your company or in your private work. Find out more about our tools, it will be worth your while. 

"Goodbye, see you tomorrow!" - closes the laptop, starts the console -

Nothing makes for better free time than a solid casual game filled with funny Easter Eggs and charming shock moments. Who needs sleep when you can play video games?


A catchy tune is a beautiful thing

What would the world be without background music..like an ordinary everyday life? Oh that would be boring. That's why we have made it our business to produce one catchy tune after the other to guarantee you pure listening pleasure.

Outstanding Software

We are happy to have such strong partnes as taskforce.space, working together on internal and evan customer projects to create the best results by combining our qualified knowledge. Stay tuned on instagram for more information!

Our Happy Customer

Hien Ta
Hien Ta
Sehr zuverlässig und kompetent. Super Kundenbetreuung.
Anja Loreth
Anja Loreth
Hier gibts mal gleich 5 Sterne - Herzlichen Dank ich kann TeCrest Media absolut weiterempfehlen!
Luca Mangold
Luca Mangold
Haben uns eine moderne, top-aussehende Website erstellt. Zusammenarbeit hat einwandfrei funktioniert.

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