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VirWo Office is a free tool, available online and as an app for Android, which is an all-in-one office box, maintaining your calendar and to-do lists, networking with other tool users and using our advanced deepl learning powered translation tools, which convert any text from colloquial language into formal scientific English and German.


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VirWo Office by TeCrest-Media
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Platform independent

Developed for everyone. No matter which platform you want to use, VirWo Office is always available on all devices. In the browser, fully responsive and therefore also usable on the smartphone or as an application for Android.


Maintain all your content once and access it from any desired device.

Nobody gets lost

Using VirWo Office means working efficiently. Whether it’s not overlooking acute ToDo’s, not thinking about appointments, thanks to VirWo Office this is almost an impossibility. A notebook, calendar and ToDo list are all available in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. Even websites can be efficiently saved via the advanced bookmark function, provided with a title and a short description.

Scientific Paper Forge

Scientific work depends on serious sources and extensive research.


With the help of a direct connection to Google Scholar and Wikipedia, scientific articles, books or simple definitions can be easily obtained directly via VirWo Office.


After all the information has been gathered, a text can be written down in a non-formal way with the help of our AI system supported by deepl and then converted into scientific German or English.

Unformal German

Formal German


Connect with other users of VirWo Office easily via our public business cards and look forward to the big team update, coming in 2023. In this release you will be able to share notes and calendar events. A Scrum Board will be available for your team and you can communicate with other users via VirWo Office Chat.

Enterprise Solution

Hosted by yourself for 100 percent privacy, tailored for your needs. Send us an email to get in touch.



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