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Mehr Effizienz im täglichen Arbeitsleben

Open. Marvel. Experience.


Introducing VirWo Office – a symphony of innovation, seamlessly interwoven into your digital realm. Experience the convergence of form and function, as a labyrinth of tools awaits your command. Unveil the tapestry of productivity through an online portal and a tactile Android companion, both beckoning you to explore.


Elevate your office oasis with a calendar that dances in synchrony with your ambitions, and to-do lists that sculpt your path toward accomplishments. Join a cosmic network of tool users, united by the pursuit of excellence.


But behold, the crown jewel – our advanced deep learning-powered translation tools. Witness colloquial language metamorphose into the refined elegance of scientific English and German, a linguistic alchemy that empowers your voice to resonate across borders and disciplines.


Dive into a new era of efficiency and eloquence – VirWo Office awaits, a beacon of possibility. Embrace the future now, as you register and embark on this extraordinary journey, all at the touch of your fingertips. Discover the symphony of VirWo Office – where the digital horizon knows no bounds.

VirWo Office by TeCrest-Media
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Universal Empowerment: VirWo Office for All


Crafted with inclusivity at its core, VirWo Office extends its embrace to every corner of the digital realm. No matter your preferred platform, the symphony of VirWo Office plays seamlessly across all devices. Whether through the expansive canvas of your browser – responsive and intuitively designed for smartphone magic – or as a dedicated Android app, the power of VirWo Office is ever at your command.


Imagine a world where your content resides in a harmonious digital sanctum. With a single touch, your creations flourish, accessible from the device of your choosing. Unleash the potential of VirWo Office, a realm where universality meets convenience, where your creative tapestry knows no boundaries. One platform, countless possibilities – VirWo Office awaits, ready to transform your digital landscape.

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Efficiency Redefined: Unleash Your Productivity with VirWo Office.

Step into a realm where efficiency reigns supreme – welcome to VirWo Office, where the art of oversight becomes virtually impossible. Bid farewell to missed deadlines and overlooked tasks, for in the embrace of VirWo Office, your workflow is transformed.


Picture a world where a notebook, calendar, and ToDo list intertwine seamlessly, each at your fingertips. No more fragmented tools – VirWo Office unifies them in one harmonious haven, accessible from any point in the digital cosmos.


But that’s not all – VirWo Office doesn’t stop at managing tasks and appointments. As a digital savant, it bestows upon you the power to capture the essence of websites. Through the marvel of our advanced bookmark function, websites are elegantly preserved, crowned with titles and succinct descriptions, ready to be summoned at will.


Efficiency isn’t a choice – it’s a way of life within the realms of VirWo Office. Join the ranks of the digitally empowered, where productivity flourishes, and the art of organization takes on a new, captivating form. Embark on a journey of productivity redefined – VirWo Office awaits, ready to elevate your work and life.

Wissenschaftliche Paper Schmiede

In the realm of scientific endeavors, authenticity reigns supreme, a testament forged through robust sources and exhaustive exploration.


Embark on a journey of discovery with VirWo Office – where knowledge flows seamlessly from the digital tapestries of Google Scholar and Wikipedia. Whether unearthing scientific articles, delving into tomes of wisdom, or unraveling the essence of simple definitions, VirWo Office stands as your gateway to enlightenment.


Once the pieces of the puzzle are gathered, our AI luminary, bolstered by deepl’s prowess, comes to life. Watch in awe as your thoughts flow effortlessly onto the digital canvas. Compose with the flair of informal expression, knowing that, when the time is right, the same words will metamorphose into the refined cadence of scientific German or English.


Witness your research journey transmute into a scholarly symphony. Unveil the magic within VirWo Office – where knowledge converges with innovation, and your scholarly pursuits ascend to new heights. Dive into a realm where research flourishes, expression soars, and your ideas command the universe.

Umgangssprachliches Deutsch

Wissenschaftliches Deutsch

Soziales Netzwerken

Forge Connections, Shape Collaborations: VirWo Office Unleashed.

Step into a world where collaboration knows no bounds – VirWo Office stands as your conduit to seamless connectivity. Embark on a journey of networking, empowered by our public business cards, where interaction becomes an art form. And that’s just the beginning, for a grand symphony awaits in the horizon.


Behold the imminent Team Update of 2023 – an epoch of transformation. As the digital tapestry unfurls, the power of sharing notes and calendar events becomes your trusted ally, transcending distances and amplifying synergy. A Scrum Board, meticulously tailored for your team’s needs, awaits your command, a testament to VirWo Office’s dedication to streamlined productivity.


But the magic doesn’t end there – immerse yourself in the realm of VirWo Office Chat, where communication transcends platforms and unites minds. Engage with fellow users, exchange ideas, and orchestrate collaborations that leave an indelible mark.


VirWo Office is your bridge to a world where connections ignite brilliance, where teams unite, and where innovation flourishes. Embrace the future now and watch as the boundaries of possibility expand before your very eyes. Witness the evolution – your journey awaits in the heart of VirWo Office.

Firmen Lösungen

Experience total privacy, handcrafted to match your unique desires. Ready to embark on your personalized journey? Reach out to us via email today. Your sanctuary awaits.


VirWo Bistro

Simply effective.

You are interested? Then contact us. VirWo Bistro can already be at your disposal for your company from 10,00€ per month.*


* 10.00€ describes the basic price for VirWo Bistro for a monthly subscription. For each transaction made via VirWo Bistro, 1.0ct will be charged, which will be listed at the end of the monthly invoice. We guarantee a monthly availability of 90%.

Fast and sustainable

Embark on a Futuristic Culinary Odyssey with VirWo Bistro


Elevate your ordering experience with VirWo Bistro – your gateway to seamless, cost-effective, and personalized innovation. Whether you helm a restaurant, club, or bar, our platform empowers you to effortlessly oversee your offerings, fashion QR codes that grace tables, and seamlessly orchestrate orders. Dive into a realm of choice, where both cash and PayPal payment methods lie at your fingertips, ensuring transactions align with your vision. VirWo Bistro: where tradition meets the avant-garde, and your culinary journey takes flight.

Order Overview

Embark on a journey of streamlined efficiency! Behold the order overview, a panoramic window into today’s culinary symphony. Revel in the tableau of details: table number, order ID, timestamps for order and execution, a curated lineup of delectable offerings, and the chosen method of payment. For a pristine vista, luxuriate in the .csv export feature, custom-tailored to your desired time span. Crafted for finesse, the tool empowers you to swiftly annul cash-based transactions, while the graceful dance of PayPal refunds gracefully transpires within the ebb and flow of your PayPal account. A masterpiece in organization, an order’s crescendo is punctuated with the triumphant ‘Completed’ marker, ensuring your domain remains a bastion of order and clarity.

Product Management

Unleash your culinary canvas with the Art of Product Management! Dive into a realm where your gastronomic creations take center stage. Every dish and libation finds its place in this digital tapestry, awaiting your deft touch. Harness the power to wield invisibility – a product’s presence at your command, vanishing as gracefully as a wisp of smoke when supplies run thin. As each masterpiece awaits its spotlight, they’re elegantly categorized, weaving a tapestry of flavors. Your patrons, the maestros of their own experience, curate their culinary journey with a symphony of categories, crafting their cart with a discerning eye. Welcome to the realm where menus evolve, and dining becomes a masterpiece of your creation.

Category Management

Step into a realm of gastronomic orchestration! Witness the tapestry of Categories unfurl, where order and culinary splendor dance in perfect harmony. A sanctuary where your delectable creations find their rightful place, seamlessly guiding users through a symphony of delectable choices. Categories, the North Star of taste, choreograph a culinary journey, ensuring every desire finds its magnetic pull. With a gentle touch, users sculpt their culinary path, sifting through a gallery of delights your establishment offers. Behold the symphony of flavors, a masterpiece composed by Categories, a tribute to the art of curation and the pinnacle of a feast beyond compare. Welcome to a realm where lucidity and choice intertwine – a sanctuary of unparalleled culinary finesse.

Table Labeling

Unlock a world of culinary wonder effortlessly! Seamlessly access the menu with a touch of modern magic – the QR code, right at your table. Harness the potential to craft bespoke QR codes for your establishment, seamlessly placed on designated tables. In a symphony of simplicity, users merely glide their device over the code, initiating a swift and seamless registration process, leading them straight to your tantalizing menu. Elevate the dining experience – where innovation meets flavor, and your menu becomes an unforgettable journey.

Invoice Wizard

Introducing the Invoice Wizard – your secret to crafting bespoke invoices for exclusive events. Navigate effortlessly through a realm of options: pick a date range, cherry-pick essential orders, infuse vital invoice header details, and fine-tune settings like MWST utilization or payment status. The orchestration is complete, and with a touch of magic, your invoice transforms into a PDF masterpiece, ready to dazzle. Seamlessly harness the power of the Invoice Wizard – where innovation and convenience converge, making each event’s closure an artful endeavor.


Experience the ultimate freedom! Unleash the power of bonuscards with unparalleled control. Seamlessly craft and command your bonuscards through our cutting-edge settings interface. Elevate the game by assigning dynamic categories to your bonuscards, while setting personalized milestones for each one. Behold the future as users proudly present their bonuscards’ QR codes, ready to be effortlessly scanned and seamlessly transacted within your app. Reimagine convenience – it’s time to make every purchase an extraordinary journey!


Empower Your Vision: Tailor Your Payment Landscape


The choice is yours – embrace or forego PayPal’s embrace in the realm of payment methods. At the heart of your dominion, nestled within the Company Settings, you wield the power of selection. Delve into a treasure trove of options: craft payment methods with finesse, sculpt a bespoke minimum order value for PayPal, and let your company’s essence shine with a captivating profile picture. Breathe life into your venture – calibrate the rhythm of time through opening hours, and etch your contact details for effortless reach.


But there’s more: an orchestration of communication at your fingertips. Seamlessly summon a newsletter, born from your imagination and birthed within the application.


Yet, it’s the symphony of colors that marks the zenith. As a user’s gaze meets your QR code, a transformative touch ignites. Buttons and interfaces dance in hues curated by your very essence, casting a spell that transcends the digital realm. The canvas of your creation, brilliantly painted through pixels and perceptions, awaits – a world where innovation meets identity, and every touch whispers your story.


Seamless Access, Singular Experience: Unveiling VirWo Bistro


Welcome to a realm of convenience – your personal Android haven awaits. As a user, step into an oasis where every QR code opens a gateway to our meticulous web domain. However, let it be known that VirWo Bistro doesn’t moonlight as a payment service provider. While the stars of innovation guide us, we hold no responsibility for missteps in the cosmic dance of orders, especially in the realm of cash transactions.


Allow us to extend a gentle whisper of wisdom: savor the journey in small bites. Commence with a portion, delight your senses, and only then beckon the grand crescendo.


As the night sky twinkles with possibilities, our orbit extends to receipts. While crafting bespoke invoices isn’t our forte, fear not, for we bestow upon you the gift of an in-app receipt gallery. Behold your transactions, neatly cataloged within the app’s embrace, while your company boasts the power to wield the .csv export wand.


For a deeper plunge into the cosmic tapestry, unveil the secrets held within our terms and conditions – a star map to navigate the galactic wonders of VirWo Bistro.

VirWo Ticket


Introducing the Ultimate WordPress Ticket System Plugin

Streamline your support and project management with our powerful WordPress Ticket System Plugin. Tailored for seamless integration, it empowers administrators to create custom categories, set diverse login options, and enable hassle-free ticket creation for users. Revolutionize your workflow with robust features, intuitive controls, and real-time notifications.

Categories & Customization

Unleash creativity with bespoke categories! Admins can effortlessly create and customize diverse categories, each with a unique identity to suit your organization’s needs.

Flexible Login Options

Choose your preferred login method! Whether it’s utilizing WordPress user credentials, allowing users to submit tickets without logging in, or seamlessly integrating a dynamic REST API, our plugin offers unparalleled flexibility.

Universal Integration

Easily integrate the ticket system anywhere with a simple tag. Users select a category and the defined login method, ensuring a seamless experience across your entire platform.

Effortless Ticket Creation

Empower users to submit bug reports or feature requests effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth process, enhancing engagement and efficiency.

Real-time Notifications

Stay in the loop! Admins receive instant email notifications for every ticket action, ensuring prompt responses and efficient issue resolution.

Filtering and Sorting

Efficiently manage your tickets with advanced filtering and sorting options. Tailor the view to your preferences, making it easier than ever to navigate through tasks.

Dynamic Ticket Status

Track progress seamlessly! Tickets can be categorized as open, in process, rejected, or done, providing a comprehensive overview of your project’s status at a glance.

Start For Free

Experience the power of streamlined support and project management. Sign up today and enjoy a free trial, exploring the feature-rich environment of our WordPress Ticket System Plugin. Unleash the full potential of your team without any upfront commitment. Plus, all licenses are lifetime licenses, ensuring you have continuous access to our powerful features without recurring fees.


  • Category Management
  • Universal Integration
  • Ticket Creation
  • Notifications
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Ticket Status System
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Custom Login Interface
One Website License


  • Category Management
  • Universal Integration
  • Ticket Creation
  • Notifications
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Ticket Status System
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Custom Login Interface
Unlimited license


  • Category Management
  • Universal Integration
  • Ticket Creation
  • Notifications
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Ticket Status System
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Custom Login Interface
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