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Terms Of Use

Those who use VirWo’s own products become part of an international community. The following guidelines help ensure that these users do not commit crimes or harm others, either themselves or at the expense of others.

Abuse of support services

Anyone who intentionally abuses VirWo’s support features by


   – Spam

   – Offensive content

   – Unhelpful content


violates the guidelines. The support consists of a dedicated team and such actions will disrupt their productive work.


We reserve the right to deny payment to users who frequently place orders with the prepayment option, and the subsequent purchase contract


   – not pay

   – not cancel


to prohibit the use of our applications. Such behavior means unnecessary additional work for our financial management.

Sensitive Content

We also reserve the right to prohibit users who post images (such as a public profile picture) that show nudity, pornographic content, depictions of violence or self-harm from using our applications. VirWo products do not contain age restrictions, and we are therefore obligated to ensure that such content is not made publicly available.

Please take these rules seriously. If a user’s behavior on or off the platform causes harm to other users, employees, or the platform in general, we will take appropriate action against it. The decision to do so is based on a variety of factors, such as the nature and severity of the act and whether there are recurring patterns of harmful behavior. Possible actions range from revocation of privileges to account termination and expulsion of the acting individual.

The terms of use themselves require explicit consent at registration. If the terms of use change later, this will be communicated by e-mail. Updates do not require explicit consent, but can be revoked at any time by e-mail, which will lead to the deletion of the account.

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